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Control Panel Technological LP cover art
Control Panel
Technological LP
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First time ever on wax! Warren Defever's (His Name Is Alive) mid-1990's techno-electronic-dub Control Panel project's Technological LP, originally released in 1995 in a hyper limited cassette on the Livonia, MI Time Stereo label.

Senseless Empire's limited edition LP reissue comes in a beautiful hand-screen printed cover designed by Warren Defever and Davin Brainard and includes an insert with release notes from the artist and label.

Note: Due to the strictly hand-made nature of the cover production, slight imperfections and variations may exist.

Weirding Module A Newer Age LP cover
Weirding Module
A Newer Age LP
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Re-release of A Newer Age, courtesy of Oneida's Kid Millions and Joyful Noise Recordings' White Label Series.

Originally issued in 2013 on Physical Things in a small-edition cassette run.

Soft Location Fools LP cover art
Soft Location
Fools LP
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Released on Senseless Empire's sister/brother label, Physical Things, Soft Location's follow-up LP, Fools, is just as great as Diamonds and Gems. Limited to 500 copies in beautiful hand-screened chipboard covers. Check out the video for "Head" and fall in love all over again.

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Soft Location Diamonds And Gems LP cover
Soft Location
Diamonds And Gems LP

Senseless Empire's first foray into the vinyl realm. This record is completely amazing. Detroit band that doesn't exist anymore due to geographical dispersion of its members. Thankfully this music still exists. No obvious musical reference points but maybe Astral Weeks from a female perspective. This record is amazing and needed the permanence of vinyl.

Black vinyl inside beautiful screen-printed covers. Limited pressing of 500 copies. Most people have more fingers on both hands than the label has copies left of this timeless masterpiece. Don't sleep!